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10 Things About ME

1.   I live in Orange County, NY with my husband and my dog, Piglet.

2.  I teach Adult Literacy classes for Orange Ulster BOCES.

3.  I am a Mac user, and don’t do well with PC’s (or don’t really care to).

4.  I was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

5.  I received my BS in Elementary and Special Education from Temple University in Philadelphia.

6.  I taught at Freedom High School in Bethlehem for 4 years before moving to NY (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson graduated from Freedom).

7.  I have traveled to Paris, Turkey, Rome, Greece, Canada, and London (twice) but have never been west of Ohio.

8.  I love broccoli (and chocolate, but not together)

9.  I prepared all throughout high school to become an accountant.  I lasted one boring semester in college.

10. My favorite cartoon character is Snoopy, and has been ever since I had a Snoopy lunchbox in kindergarten.


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